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Helping Your Business Build Success


Who We Are

At FactInfo Nigeria Limited, our business is, helping your business succeed. Whether you need help with business planning, marketing strategies/plan, or your business through your marketing team, need a boost to create values for your customers in order to derive values from them in return.

What We Represent

We are the trusted advisors and supports for high level decision making by several business, political, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, because we have many brilliant consultants widely experienced in all the area of consumer and social/political research, product development in product and concept testing, market entrant, customer relationship management, electronic marketing (electronic word of mouth, social media research, digital marketing,), digital technological innovations in marketing and business enterprises, etc.
We are ready to give the very best advice to re-inventing your business into a dynamic, thriving enterprise where people are lining up to get in and share the experience. If you’ve dreamed of making your business extraordinary, any of our Business Renovation Programs will take you there.
This special offer sits your key people and our key people down together to figure out exactly what the problems are in your business and where you think your business would be without those issues. We then work with you to create a dynamic marketing and business solutions to boost your business to where it should be while staying true to your company spirit.

Market Research Services

Customer satisfaction surveys, Customer interception surveys, Marketing Science Consultancy Services, Advertising Research, Media Research

Training & Development

Professional Training in the Use of Statistical Software, Relevant training in Statistical Applications on Marketing Research, training in the use of Statistical Applications.